What are Cannabinoids (CBD)?

Did you know there where over 💯Cannabanoids like THC, CBD, CBG and minor Cannabanoids like CBN to improve CBD sleep formulas?👋 Find natural products that work for relief! 👍 –▶https://youtu.be/Lf9c4eid4x4

This @CBD Headquarters video won’t only guide you on the different ways Cannabidiol has helped people over the years, you’ll also learn the basic differences between CBD and THC to start you on your knowledge of CBD.

Anxiety, Inflammations, want to get the edge off without getting high?
Do you have poor sleep and in the market for a better and safer option?
Do you have back pain, feel stress working, itching for relief but don’t want prescription medication?
Looking for alternative ways to treat your symptoms without tearing up your stomach?

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00:00 – Intro
01:50 – CBN What it is and whats it good for?
02:00 – CBG Whats the difference between CBD?
03:03 – Isolate CBD but who uses this and why?
03:43 – Full Spectrum CBD, what benefit?

Thanks for watching the video What are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinoids?

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