Coronary Calcium Scores with Dr. Arthur Agatston – Diet Doctor Podcast

Coronary calcium scores are one of the most important tests for assessing cardiac risk. But it isn’t always straightforward how to interpret them or what to do about them. Dr. Arthur Agatston and I discuss the details of calcium scores and help you better understand how to use the test and what you can do to help lower your cardiac risk.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
2:53 How the Agatston score came about
15:15 Interpreting the different “zero CAC scores”
19:06 How to reverse a high CAC score
24:18 Understanding the plaque density
28:50 CAC and its radiation dose
31:09 Statins, LDL and CAC score
39:05 About the craft test: specifics and advice to people
45:27 Pillars of treatment: diets and exercise
54:27 Spreading the message and educating future physicians

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Three Actions for Better Health

Are you dealing with your health or destroying it one fast food bite at a time? There are lots of products on the marketplace that assist in constructing your heath. However, occasionally it what we eat that make us ill.

Omega-3 Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Benefits And Effectiveness

Taking an anti-inflammatory supplement is really beneficial because of the significance in maintaining excess inflammation from accumulating in your body and also becoming a persistent condition. If this occurs you will largely enhance your threats for several major health issue, consisting of a raised threat of heart illness as well as passing away from a cardiovascular disease. In addition, joint problems and arthritis are a typical condition, with countless people struggling with their signs and symptoms, as well as would really much take advantage of an omega-3 anti-inflammatory supplement.

Why Should You Be Careful About Vitamin D Supplements?

To recognize why vitamin D supplements are essential to your wellness, you require to recognize exactly what their functions are. Vitamin D is the nutrient that can regulate the degrees of calcium as well as phosphorus as well as keep them in the right balance, which can maintain the bones in your body healthy.

Prenatal Fish Oil Blend – A Great Way to Boost Your Developing Baby’s Health

Maternity is a time when developing brains need whole lots of a nutrient called docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA. One of the most effective means of making certain of obtaining both the DHA the baby needs and the EPA the mom requires to keep different sort of swelling in check is to take a special prenatal fish oil mix.

Protein Shakes and Body Building:Essential or a Waste of Time?

I have actually been an eager body building contractor for a number of years now, 9 years to be exact. Over those 9 years I have built up a mutual understanding and also understanding when it come to what it takes to attain your goals. Body building is an interest and also an art-form for lots of people, and also those who take it seriously know all to well just how essential protein is in reaching your targets/goals.

How Appetite Suppressants Work in Aiding Weight Loss

For many people who are obese or obese, it shows up that consistent appetite pangs, food cravings, and also constant snacking on junk foods most specifically carbohydrate-rich and also sugary ones, are the significant impediments to their losing weight. This is perhaps the largest problem a whole lot of individuals are experiencing in their weight loss initiatives. However, the excellent information is that this tendency can currently be dramatically gotten rid of with using cravings suppressant which aid to maintain the hunger pains and desires at bay.

An Energy Boosting Supplement That Works

America is in the hold of a power dilemma as well as everybody wants extra power to assist them survive the day. Obtaining out of bed every morning calls for power and also occasionally decision. Surviving the day calls for extra power to get all things finished that you have arranged for the day. Occasionally diet plan and workout need the increase you receive from a power supplement.

Red Yeast Rice Benefits – Is This Supplement Right For You?

Wondering concerning the benefits of red yeast rice as well as whether it’s a good selection for you? Discover the reality and also discover out what the research study reveals regarding this nutritional supplement.

Will Taking Bodybuilding Supplements Cause Adverse Effects?

This write-up takes a look at exactly how to lead a healthy life and also have a great diet regimen whilst using muscle building supplements as well as exercising with an aim to constructing muscle mass. It explores the negative effects that can happen if you don’t take your supplements correctly and also which firms can provide you some exceptional supplements such as PhD Supplements.

Pau D’Arco and Diabetes

Do you know what pau d’arco is? How around diabetes? This article reviews some essentials.

How to Choose the Best Multiple Vitamin

Picking the very best numerous vitamin can be an overwhelming job if you do not know precisely what to try to find. Considered that there are literally countless brand names where to select, it may seem as if there will never be simply one choice. Nevertheless, we can offer a few guidelines which will certainly limit the field substantially.

Green Lipped Mussel And Fish Oil Joint Health Benefits Comparison

Fish oil is extremely extensively reviewed and also researched as a result of its anti-inflammatory benefits; I have reviewed numerous times that if you were just mosting likely to take one supplement then it ought to be fish oil. Nevertheless, there is likewise an additional food that has extremely strong anti-inflammatory residential properties, and this is the eco-friendly lipped mussel. As well as research studies have actually shown that the environment-friendly lipped mussel nutrient essence can be really efficient for dealing with inflammatory joint conditions including joint inflammation. So, when comparing the mussels with fish oil, can environment-friendly lipped mussel supplements provide comparable and even stronger benefits and also effectiveness for troubles with your joint health?

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